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The Call Center system provides the receipt of your customers' requests via telephone with the registration of each customer, the registration of multiple locations for each customer, the possibility of registering more than one phone number of the customer with the customer's request record and the copy of any previous customer request.

Own your Call Center

We allow you to have a call center that enables you to unify all channels to receive calls to the call center and to allow the call center staff to distribute the orders to the branches and deliver them directly to the kitchen to ensure quick processing and delivery of the request to the customer

Order's Trace

The order delivery system and the call center allow you to track the request from the customer and the stages of processing the request to the restaurant until it reaches the door of the customer delivery, which ensures you to overcome any obstacles or errors during this process and ensure the completion of the smooth and fast


The order delivery system and the call center provide many advantages to customers. The system supports one customer, an infinite number of delivery sites, an infinite number of contact numbers and an infinite number. It also includes a special subscription number for each customer.


The delivery system provides a screen for each branch to receive orders and distribute them to the drivers, as well as the driver's receipt screen, so that the driver can know the orders and locations delivered from his mobile device

Customer Locations

The call delivery system and the call center provide the easiest and quickest way to challenge the delivery of orders accurately through the system. The call center staff can locate the customer by text message sent to the customer or by searching Google Maps and locating the customer

Delivery Types

The order delivery system and the call center provide the possibility to determine the types of connections to allow you to know the total income of the connection by type such as the normal delivery or delivery applications for mobile applications such as Hungersation or applications or other applications also available the system the possibility of a menu for each type of delivery at different prices

Integrated With Call Center

The connection system and the call center provide connectivity with the PBX systems and the ability to know the name of the connected customer if he is pre-registered with the system before responding.


The delivery system provides a management and control panel for all branch traffic, allowing you to follow up live orders and branches and provide a time-frame for all the on-demand operations for each branch.


The connection system and the call center support two types of requests: delivery or receiving requests from the restaurant. It also provides you with an interactive text-on-demand system, following up the order and delivery of the order. The application also provides you with the requests to accept the branch or reject the request. Take steps first without having to contact the branch, driver or customer

Integrated With GPS Systems

The connection system and the call center provide you with the vehicle tracking systems to know the time remaining to arrive at the request, the location of the orders on the branch map, and the possibility of organizing the drivers to deliver a single trip to ensure the delivery speed of the customer on time.

Call Cetner

The call center provides you with the ability to make incoming and outgoing calls and divert them to more than one destination, as well as missing calls, as well as the possibility of controlling the IVR system, adding advertisements to the waiting time of the customer, and also automatic recording of all calls and the possibility of working time conditions for placing messages such as prayer times or out of call time

Call Center Features

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Call Waiting Time
Linking Call Centers
Link To Administrative Systems
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Username & Passwords
Linking With Marketing System
Sending Receiving Faxes
Support Smart Phones And Tablets
Reports The Call Center
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Sorting And Distributing Communications
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Support Analog Lines
Intelligent IVR
Call Divert
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