Sangoma Vega 50 8 FXO

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Sangoma Vega 50 8 FXO Gateway

The Sangoma Vega 50 8 FXO analog gateway allows for PSTN connection or IP Centrex to an IP network. This model offers 8 FXO ports for connecting to the PSTN.

Sangoma Vega 50 Overview

Analog Vega 50 media gateways support standard loop start signalling. Vega 50 media gateways have proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications & VoIP equipment. All VegaStream gateways can support SIP, H.323 & T.38 FAX. The gateways can be configured for different country requirements, such as tones & line impedance. Vega 50 media variants equipped with FXS ports are also fitted with two FXO ports. When powered the Vega can route calls to or from these two FXO ports. Under power failure conditions the two FXO ports provide a hard-wired bypass to two FXS ports allowing PSTN calls to be made even under this failure condition.