Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing Endpoint with Wired Mics

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Yealink VC500 with Wired Mics

Get the Yealink VC500 all-in-one video conferencing endpoint with wired microphones for a simple HD collaboration solution. The VC500 includes a codec with integrated 1080p camera, CP960 conference phone, two CPE90 wired microphones, and a cable hub for organization. VC500 is a codec that supports SIP and H.323. It connects to your network using Gigabit Ethernet, and has the HDMI ports and others that you need to get Full HD video conferencing. VC500 also supports the H.265 (HEVC) video codec, which is the industry standard for balancing efficiency and quality. Yealink VC500 is compatible with leading cloud video conferencing platforms, including StarLeaf, Zoom, Blue Jeans, and Yealink Cloud Management Service and Meeting Server. The codec features an integrated 1080p PTZ video camera with a wide-angle field-of-view to capture all the faces in the conversation.

This package also includes the CP960 IP conference phone, which is an enterprise-class conference device in its own right. The CP960 has a 5" touchscreen display for simple control, runs Android, and has a 10W Harman Kardon speaker for excellent audio. The Y-shaped design allows it to capture audio in a 360° radius. Yealink Optima HD technology gives you incredible sound quality. The phone supports the adaptable Opus audio codec. The two wired microphones expand the range of the system for larger spaces. Yealink includes a cable hub and mounting accessories including a wall/TV mounting shelf and VESA mount adapter for placing the codec where you want it.